Castle Camps Chapel with Rev Haigh 1908The Chapel

After the Restoration, some Puritans refused to attend the Church. By 1669 there was a Conventicle in the Parish, and there were five NonConformists in 1676. Two dissenting families in 1783 commonly went to Linton Independent Chapel, having no meeting place of their own.

In 1813, a building was registered for Dissenting Worshippers, as was another, by different persons, in 1822. The second was probably for the Congregation of Baptists, said in 1851 to have been established in 1818. Their Chapel was built in 1822 at Camps Green.

In 1851, it seated 170 with standing room for 60 more, and had an average attendance of 200, besides 68 Sunday School pupils. The Minister, himself an Independent, described his congregation as Independents and Baptists.

It survived as a Particular Baptist Chapel in 1871, but had disappeared by 1877. It was, perhaps, amalgamated with the Independent Chapel at Camps Green, which seems to have been founded in 1852 and built in 1856, but later traced its origins to 1812 or 1817.

By 1974 it was attached to the United Reformed Church